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Talent search partner, Global careers

Our Mission
TOP CAREER VIETNAM JSC’s mission is to connect young and aspiring job-seekers to an extensive network of global companies. We continuously strive to bridge the information gap between Vietnam and abroad, and to provide job opportunities for promising candidates who aspire to work in a cross-border environment.
From high school students to university students, graduates, and working employees, we provide valuable information on further educational and professional opportunities in various steps of the development process.
Above all, we are passionate to support prospective students and employees who are ambitious to take up new challenges in their career path.

Our Value
A synergistic network that matches promising job-seekers with top companies
  • Understanding your objective – we recommend the best option in either your studies or career based upon industry insights and your interests
  • Making your goals into realities – whether you aspire to study abroad, or apply for an internship or career opportunity overseas
  • Adding the personal touch - providing genuine support to each individual
Extensive career information and insights

Our Service
Providing job opportunities and internship information worldwide
Preparing job-seekers with the skill sets necessary to succeed
In addition to information on job opportunities, we offer our members advice and support to succeed in all steps of the recruitment process, including:
  • Career counseling
  • CV and Entry Sheet (ES) support
  • Interview Tips and practices
  • Related news and career information on a regular basis