Production Supervisor - Plastics Packaging

Job Detail
  • Salary: 15.000.000 VNĐ - 18.000.000 VNĐ
  • Level: Team Leader | Supervisor
  • Gender: Male
  • Fulltime
  • 21 Applications
Job description
-   Build a positive environment and work relation by giving example of good manner and effective communication.
-   Planning the improvement by following the technology development, process, and system to reach an efficient and effective result continually.
-   Control production output, reject percentage, raw material utilization and downtime
-   Analyse to find the root cause when the machine/product got issue
-   Coordinate related depts to improve and prevent future issue.
-   Improve the process of the product, optimize the step that wasting the machine productivity. Make specific plans for machine improvements.
-   Develop working procedures for subordinates to control the quality of products and machinery stably.
-   Understand the principles of the machine and how to control the quality, prevent errors for the product
-   Work directly with experts from the machine supplier when have new project.
-   Technical training for subordinates (Technician, Packer)
-    Arranging manpower based on the production plan.
-    Control OT according to allowed OT number.
-    Make reports weekly, monthly to analyze the points not matched  improvement plans.
-    Arrange and located packer non shift to sort product according to the problem.
-    Make submission of the sort packages to be checked by QC.
-    Handing out rejected product from sort result to be grinded.
-    Arrange neatness of the products carried out separate between well and rejected products.
-    Preserve neatness and cleanliness working area. 
Job Requirement
-   Have bachelor Ddegree / diploma +
-   At least 2 years in production management or  related position
-   Good communication skill in English (Active)
-   Have ability in Stretch Blow Molding
-   Manpower management experience
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