Manufacturing Director - District 7, HCMC

Job Detail
  • Salary: 3.000 USD - 4.000 USD
  • Level: Giám Đốc | Điều hành
  • Gender: Nam
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Job description
-   Take part in building cultural working environment and meet customer's expectation
-   Assign tasks and define responsibility, monitor and manage performance for Manufacturing function
-   Improve productivities with Lean Manufacturing,save cost, maximum efficiency, quality and on-time delivery are achieved 
-   Ensure standardization of compliance to all business group work instructions, QEHS requirements and industrial policies and procedures across all industrialized business units. 
-   Prepare, support and participate in all internal and external audits, resolve any non-conformances. Cooperate with senior management and Program Managers to review, analyze and interpret financial statement data to drive margin growth to stated targets and beyond. 
-   Make plan for Manufacturing Department
-   Responsible to calculate shop capacity and constraints. Plan, execute, track and deliver on-time. 
-   Make schedule shop resources to meet all customer tasking on time and on budget including the ability to develop detailed completion schedules for larger tasking and to track against those schedules. 
-   Manage and control emergent and walk-in production requirements. 
-   Set appropriate staffing levels through the profit planning process. Proactively participate in staffing/headcount decisions for key production positions.
-   Drive change through improved organizational capability, providing leadership in recruiting, goal alignment, employee development, performance management and communication. 
-   Manage and drive motivation and retention of a high-performance management team and workforce. 
-   Train and coach manufacturing managers in leadership and the proper performance of their duties. Provide team members with professional goals and personal growth opportunities. 
 -  Identify and address underperforming areas, talent and capability gaps and improve operating efficiencies through programmatic, disciplined approach. 
 -  Oversee staff certifications and training ensuring it remains current at all times.
-    Establish a periodic training program to advance the expertise of all staff and remind them of on-going regulatory and process procedures. 
-    Manage subcontractors and vendors providing specialized services, selecting best value suppliers, quality and timeliness of product and evaluating their performance for future use. 
 -   Supervise material identification, ordering, receipt, storage, control and disposition within the industrial facilities. 
 -   Ensure new team members receive initial safety training. 
 -   Demonstrated success in driving zero-incident culture through employee ownership of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) programs. 
 -   Ensure hazardous material is stored, controlled and disposed of properly and that all staff are trained on its proper handling. 
 -   Ensure all quality checkpoints are properly conducted and signed as required and that all quality documents are retained properly. 
 -   Identify capital needs and perform ROI to ensure equipment maintenance and expansion to support company growth. 
 -   Establish and administer a maintenance program for all industrial equipment in accordance with guidance provided by each equipment manufacturer. 
 -  Track and analyze equipment repair costs and recommend timely acquisition of replacement equipment. 
 -   Perform best value analyses of replacement equipment, as it applies to our tasking, modernizing our capabilities as required to perform more efficiently. 
 -   Manage shop tools. 
 -    Allocate industrial space optimally to respond to current workloads. 
 -   Anticipate the impact of projected workloads on current industrial facilities and propose additions or changes to space and equipment layout to meet future demands. 
 -   Ensure all industrial facilities meet federal, state and local regulatory requirements. 
 -   Provide all industrial facilities with infrastructure to ensure all employees are operating in safe environments. 
Job Requirement
-   Have at least 10 years of who worked in world class manufacturing company (Japanese, Korean,..etc) and with launch and manage some improvement project by lean, 6 sigma, process /automation process experience. 
-   Willing to use ERP system
-   Good at Optimization, and EHS processes (ISO 9001, ISO 14001,TS 16949 etc.)
-   Strong knowledge and experience with process tools such as profit planning, strategic planning, Organizational Capability Assessment, Corporate Accounts, Lean System/Six Sigma, Supply Chain Management, Fixed Capital 
-   Knowledge of current technologies in manufacturing (fabrication and assembly), engineering, materials management/inventory control, distribution and logistics, purchasing, quality assurance systems processes and practices. 
-   Proven track record in building high performance teams, leading crossfunctionality, developing and retaining employees, and driving organizational change. 
-   Proven ability to manage growth. 
-   Background in Automation /Technical; prefer have konwledge Lean and Six Sigma experience;  
-   Vietnamese/foreigner with English speaking fluently  
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