Unfair cause "bad luck" flooded head: the boss is scolded, disagreement with colleagues, work hard bloody suddenly broke down, deadline this sprint is not finished, the new has crashed ... Everything Suddenly hit as drops of water to spill glasses make your day tinted dark. Immediately apply the measures below to get back to the spirit quickly.
If you miss the deadline, then apply this type of mortar!
"I do not mind deadlines. You just have a reason. "Are you a member of the people who have missed the deadline? Do not panic. The first thing you need to do is to calm down, take a deep breath and subtly deal with this crisis in the following ways.
Identify the types of colleagues you should not associate
It is very important to be friendly and cooperative with your colleagues, however, if you do not know how to "choose" to connect, it is easy to get confused about yourself. The workplace environment is like a miniature society with many different types of colleagues, so you should immediately identify the type of colleagues should not be exposed to avoid "getting into the body" offline.
Free accountant or private accountant? Where is the right place for you?
How do other independent accountants account? What would be the most reasonable option for you? Accounting is always a stable career with attractive salary that many people want and pursue today. However, choosing the field of accounting is still a question mark with many young graduates. Let's find answers to all your questions in the article below.
Knock on the door of the family Tek Experts
Each employee is a perfect representative for the cultural characteristics of a business. Get the Tek Experts knock on the door, listen to interesting stories from members of this great family and discover the great things Tek Experts has to offer!
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