If you miss the deadline, then apply this type of mortar!

Do not know ever since, the public has become extremely familiar, even obsessed with deadline. With people who are always on time and sure to finish things, this is just a number! However, with the water to the feet to jump or forget before forget the deadline, the deadline is the "death" of the career! So, if you encounter situations that forget the deadline and have not moved a bit to work, what should you do? Here are some tips to help you survive this nightmare.

Step 1: No sophistry. Acceptance to be clemency.

You know, the boss did not like the "news" you say that late deadline. If you have followed the announcement that 1001 type of sophistry, allegations such as broken laptop, unexpected family, you are seriously ill, your cat is also sick, bla ... bla ... bla sure, You will receive a review e-mail or worse, the "thank you letter" parting with the company. No matter what the reason, a professional will always have a solution to the problem rather than the consequences and then report back. Therefore, do not be foolish to make a "lucid" story when late deadline. You should acknowledge the truth and accept all the blame. Then, wait for the boss to get angry and give a treatment for this incident.

Step 2: Amnesty by offering another deadline as soon as possible.

After all, things can not be saved. Now you do not cry to do anything. The most necessary after pleading guilty is to atone by proposing another deadline shorter and more urgent. If your partner or boss accepts this time, make sure you do everything you can to not forget the deadline again. The new deadline should not be too long, preferably shorter than the old deadline to show your determination to fire! The new deadline is in your ability to finish, do not rush the "illusion of power" find a way to save the situation but forget that you only have a head and two hands. Then, speed up as much as you can and try to finish the job sooner or with the deadline given to regain your credibility.

Step 3: Remove all distractions. Cultivation closed 77-49 days.

Accepting a new deadline means that you are being given a second chance to redeem any fault. Do not continue to "smash your bowl" just because the temptation is not worth it. Please shut down all your energy. Turn off the phone. Lock temporary applications like Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, etc. It's time to just have you and your computer with open work files. In addition to personal activities such as eating, bathing, make sure the rest of the time is only for deadlines. If this time, you complete the task sooner than expected, know the boss or customer will forgive the mistake because of your sincere attitude.

Step 4: Set the steel discipline to not repeat the next.

Of course the last step after you send back the completed work is the promise and commitment not to relapse. However, do not let these words just "tip the tongue". If you just promise not to do it, you just "smear" your image and reputation only. Think about the rules or discipline of steel to apply to yourself. As a deadline, how much will your salary be deducted? Or if you forget the deadline, the whole month after that you will self "ban" yourself not happy to gather, not milk tea, shopping. The rules and penalties set for yourself will help you commit to completing things on time in a more positive way.

Every day you not only take on a deadline. Sometimes, the seven-day deadline rushes you up, so forget about deadlines. However, keep in mind that completing the deadline is better than trying to fire later. Deadline is the way you express your prestige and attitude to work with your boss or partner, be sure to always set deadlines and work time in the most balanced manner in order of priority. Everything is guaranteed to finish before the "death".
Hanh Nguyen
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