Identify the types of colleagues you should not associate

In the company, if you associate with good colleagues, or simply those who are harmless, it will be much easier for you in the workplace. Conversely, when combined with the kind of colleagues below, whether you like it or not, you will also fall into very difficult circumstances. So quickly identify the types of co-workers you should keep in the distance.
1. Denial of responsibility

This is the first type of co-worker you should not associate with your employer. In this form co-workers tend to have two tendencies: dare not take on jobs for fear of responsibility, and shed responsibility on others when trouble occurs. Regardless of the trend, it will be easy for you to move into a passive and angry position. You should not get along with people, because sooner or later you will have to shoulder all the responsibilities on your shoulders. Each day the work is overlapping, you can not take on any responsibility or be held accountable for any problems, even if it is your responsibility. that colleague. If you want peace in the office, quickly identify and keep distance with this type of colleagues.
2. Colleagues jealous

This type of co-worker is very common in the work environment. Instead of focusing on work and developing themselves, they often look and compare with their more successful colleagues. These people are often less than happy to find that your boss compliments or achieves some success in the job. Do not just stop whispering, this kind of co-worker may find a way to drown you down, so be extra careful if you're experiencing this kind of co-worker company. Be smart and do not show personal accomplishments to them.
3. People like "gossiping"

You will not want to be trapped in difficult situations when engaging in ineffective conversations with your "eight" colleagues. Innocent stories, the hours of talk about this person only cause you to lose precious time. Moreover, if another colleague accidentally hears and sees the person you are speaking with in the back, then surely your image in the eyes of the person will be extremely bad and cause them to lose sympathy. with you immediately. You will gradually realize that the connection with these people will not have any benefit for you, but it will make you hurt more.
4. People with laxative disease

This type of co-worker is harmless but will be very harmful to your spirit. Keep listening to the complaints about work from them you will increasingly depressed and more pressure. They will affect your spirit by the negative aspects of every job, gradually you will also like them, lose the joy and fire in the current job. Under the pressure of responsibility, you need to be motivated, motivated and excited to continue your work, not necessarily listening to any more lamentations from others. If you associate with these people, your morale will only go down because you always look at things in a negative way.
5. Type of co-worker "eat not say yes"

This is a very dangerous co-worker for you. These people love to set things, blame the price for others. Your small mistake at work will be transformed into a completely different story with a more serious and heavy truth. With these colleagues you will be prone to being played on the back and take on the rumors are extremely disastrous. If you do not immediately recognize this type of co-worker in the company to limit communication, then you will definitely get yourself a lot of frustration and unrest.

You have enough stress and pressure from work, so do not put yourself in trouble because of the relationship with these "hard" types of colleagues. Not always friendly and willing to be friends will help you at work, sometimes it will be a "double-edged sword" that put you in many situations in the office environment. Be clever to identify these "troublemakers" to limit the delivery as soon as possible, you lightly!
Hanh Nguyen
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