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Focusing on training and developing skills for employees is always a top priority

"Perhaps many of you think to apply for a technology company are really good at IT, but that's not entirely true at Tek Experts. As a service support company, we value the way our employees deliver the experience to their customers. So when interviewing, we just see the candidates have passion and dedication to the work, as well as a serious work attitude, we are willing to recruit and invest in training them. Become a technical expert.

We have interviewed a new graduate with good English communication skills and experience working at a computer repair shop. The story you told about a long time after work to help customers recover an important document has helped the candidate have a very successful interview and was accepted Technical Support position at Tek Experts " .

That is sharing of Nguyen Huong Tra - Head of Talent Talks of Tek Experts. According to Tra, many employees choose to stick with Tek Experts in addition to the opportunity to develop, challenge themselves in a whole new field is also the opportunity to be trained and develop the knowledge and skills that Tek Experts has always focused on building.

With that mission, TEK ACADEMY training academy was born with the purpose of creating the perfect direction for young IT enthusiasts, help you train professional knowledge and communication skills, The students have not been through any school. TEK ACADEMY's TEK ACADEMY training course is designed to provide students with opportunities to integrate into the global work environment. You also have the opportunity to interact with your employees and talented managers.

TEK ACADEMY - the "training stove" for IT talents

Tek Experts also focuses on the development of soft skills for staff, which is the "Bootcamp in English" training course.

"Tek Experts has helped me improve my English skills significantly. Although I have learned English at level 3, I have never mastered it because there are not many opportunities to use it.

The 'Bootcamp in English' training has helped me improve my English. My vocabulary was expanded and I was able to use English more fluently. I am more confident to work in the international environment as well as work abroad - which I hope to do in the next three to five years, "said Vu Thi Hoang Yen, Software Park Leader. .
Company culture is always endless inspiration for interesting stories

In order to create a comfortable, creative and friendly working environment, support staff to best develop their abilities and ensure long-term development, Tek Experts pays special attention to building corporate culture. .
1. Environment friendly and comfortable

"Warm feelings of people make me find it difficult to leave the company!" It is also very sincere sharing of Tu when he joins Tek Experts family. "Before entering the company, I was impressed that the atmosphere was very serious, but not only the professional but also very friendly and relaxed."
2. Excellent working environment for women

One of the great features of Tek Experts culture is its equal opportunity in the IT industry, whether you are male or female, because "Tek Experts is a great place for women to work. in IT field. There are not many women working in the industry yet, but Tek Experts are helping to change that. Here, both sexes have equal opportunities to improve and develop their skills. "(Sharing of Ms. Hoang Yen).
3. Opportunity for career advancement is always open

At Tek Experts, there are always plenty of opportunities for career advancement. Along with the strong development of the company, employees have the opportunity to move to new positions. Tek Experts always gives priority to employees in the company to seize new career opportunities, creating the best conditions for them to develop their potential.

Mr. Le Van Giang (Senior Team Manager) was very happy to share his career development at Tek Experts: "What Tek Experts is attracted to me is a young and dynamic environment with many muscles. Assembly and challenge. I started my career at Tek Experts as Technical Support Engineer Level 1 and was encouraged to continue to focus on engineering. I have worked hard to constantly develop myself. I was promoted to Team Leader. "
4. Great work space

For the staff to create and develop their full potential, a perfect workspace is something that Tek Experts has focused on building. In 2016, Tek Experts moved the office to the 16th floor
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