"Suddenly want to cry" because of bad working day? Let's calm down with the following tips!

We spend 1/3 of our time to devote to the work. Whether you are a fanatic or not, you still have to work towards a higher benefit in life. However, it is not always the day to go to work that makes you happy and satisfied. If you do not want to bring home anger, try to relax and apply the tips below:
1. Meet friends, relatives

Do not rush back home and face four cold walls alone, which will make you even more tired and sad. After work, try meeting up with a long-lost friend, chatting with your family or anyone else who makes you feel good and comfortable whenever you are around. Conversations soothe your emotions and help you quickly forget the excitement you have experienced throughout the day. Sometimes, you can get very useful advice from these special friends and relatives.
2. Physical activity

When tired, you tend to go home to bed to rest immediately instead of continuing to exercise both physically and mentally exhausted. However, if you want to dispel the stress and pressure you are suffering from, the best way is not to rest but to train your body regularly. Go to the gym and select exercises that are relatively light intensity, not too heavy to both relax the mind, as well as strengthen the endurance and endurance of the body. Or, if you are not an active person, some evening yoga poses or meditation for 20 minutes before bedtime can be very effective.
3. Do what you like

Absolutely do not continue to think or worry about work if you have to go through a "work day" horrible. The best way to do this is to choose a few of your personal hobbies in the evening. It can be the painting or image you like, re-open some old movies do not see, complete the page some books are unfinished, or lead the "boss" stroll around a few park for example . When you are relaxed with your hobby, your mind is relaxed and headaches related to work are soothed, helping you recover quickly after a bad day.
4. Reward yourself

Whether the results of your work today are bad or you have made a serious mistake, know how to forgive and comfort yourself. Even if you are harsh with yourself, you will soon be in a state of pessimism that is difficult to save. So if you are having a bad day, comfort yourself with a delicious homemade meal or at your favorite restaurant, a few hours of shopping to motivate you to continue to work tomorrow. . Such small rewarding actions will be the positive message you send to yourself: Everything will be fine.
5. Outline new goals

After experiencing all relaxation therapies, in the evening, while masking the beauty and relaxation, you can also enlist new goals for yourself tomorrow.

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How to overcome the mistakes you made today? What tomorrow do you need to complete? Where are their priorities? What should you explain or do to improve the problem today? All the questions that come to mind should be answered and even listed, written on paper so you can be sure that you can handle it all. The preparation for the next day work will put you in the heart of confidence, regain the availability of new days rather than continue to avoid.


No matter how bad your day is, remember that after the rain the weather is bright. These "dark" days will give way to the sun. You do not have to worry about worrying or getting yourself puzzled. Instead, these mental "doses" need to be applied immediately to quickly recharge positive energy for yourself, ready to meet with countless challenges and hardships ahead. Try the experience right away, you will find life to go suddenly become so gentle and cheerful than good!
Hanh Nguyen
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