How do the "tech giant" recruit?

1. Establish rigorous and uncompromising standards

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Big tech companies always have the standard for "perfect candidates," so you can quickly determine if someone is really worth the price of your first interview.

"Before you start hiring, let's paint an ideal pattern for a great group of candidates," said Laszlo Bock, a former Google director of human resources. In order to build a powerful empire, you must hire even better employees. This applies to all job positions. If you hire an administrative assistant, do not just find someone who can answer your phone and schedule your meeting - find someone who will make your job easier by organizing time and priorities. for important activities.

And if the search process takes more time than you expect, be patient and focus more effort. "Do not compromise," Bock wrote. "Never compromise with something that is not really brilliant."
2. Give the candidates a worthy reason for choosing your business

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Jonathan Rosenberg, advisor to CEO Larry Page, has kept 200 resumes for Google employees in his office. "If a candidate faces barriers to joining Google, Jonathan will simply open the desk drawer and say," You will work with these people. "When choosing a job, the candidate Look carefully at the company and future work. In their minds there are always dozens of questions about the work environment, colleagues, and corporate culture. And the job the employer needs to do is help them answer questions that they have always wondered but rarely say with convincing evidence.
3. Search for employees from different cultures

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Facebook is adopting this strategy in recruiting activities with the aim of better serving customers from all over the world. Different cultures will have their own quintessence and Facebook believes that these unique qualities will help Facebook improve its service.

Facebook also has rigorous standards when recruiting but does not mean that they only hire talented people from prestigious universities. Last year, Facebook announced that it had recruited employees from 300 different universities, not just top 10 schools.

In addition, Facebook University is also set up to attract sophomores to internships. However, Facebook University is also a tool for Facebook to select candidates from the special culture that the current staff does not have.
4. Seeking talented people to match your corporate culture

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Normally, a recruiter must have four or five interviews in order to evaluate whether the candidate is truly relevant to the company culture. At Facebook, all recruiting staff are highly trained in interviewing procedures and screening methods.

The first round is a telephone interview with the HR department to evaluate the candidate's experience, passion and professionalism. If you pass the first round, the candidate will have a telephone interview with the professional.

The third interview takes place on the site and the candidates will be taking an office tour through a demo of Oculus virtual reality headphones. With this technology, Facebook expects candidates to be less pressure and open to sharing.

The remaining interviews focused mainly on expertise. For example, an engineer will undergo a code-writing practice where they demonstrate flexibility and accuracy in a particular case.

All candidates are then confronted with hypothetical questions to examine how they handle situations, as well as logical questions, to examine how they think - all of which examine that person. Is it suitable for Facebook?
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