The secret is to help increase the productivity of employees

Although there is no absolute method for a successful leader at the moment, there are many action plans that you can take to ensure your employees are on the right track. Here are eight strategies to help your employees work better.
1. Be yourself

If you try to "become" a non-version, then the employee will feel it most clearly because they come in contact with you every day. So do not try to become strangers because it will make you lose faith in your partners.

You do not need to become a "follower" of a certain leadership style. Try to behave in a way that is consistent with your beliefs and values ​​as this is the best way to help give you more energy each day and also a great way to send a message to your employees. - be yourself!
Create a corporate culture with two core elements: transparency and respect for feedback

In fact, many managers feel extremely hesitant to admit they have done wrong. But being brave and straightforward to admit mistakes is an important factor in building a culture of honesty and transparency where people can feel confident and free to do the very best. So, if you are a CEO or hold management positions, learn to admit when you are wrong.

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Sometimes, in the leadership role, you think you have to always show control and always act right. However, you will receive more respect if you admit when you do not know the answer or make a mistake, this way will help employees feel the transparency and promote the spirit of constantly learning. ask. In the long term, it will allow people to be creative and constantly innovate.
3. Closer to each individual

Taking care of events that have taken place in someone's life or shared with the employee can build a stronger bond between you and every member of the group. This attachment will give you the opportunity to understand the motivations that motivate your employees, the areas they like to work with and their work and life goals. When an employee knows that their boss is interested in their success, they will have more motivation to work and they will feel obligated to work hard for you. In addition, if you give people the attention they deserve, they will be ready to give you constructive feedback to improve your work.
4. Recognize the effort

Recognizing a result that does not really excel can create controversy for subordinates. However, if you ignore the efforts of employees, they will be increasingly discouraged. Although the boundaries here are very fragile, you still have to put effort into finding and recognizing the most accurate employee contributions.

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Recognizing someone's efforts does not necessarily mean naming them in the company event. The only thing you need to do is to let them know that their efforts are always observed and documented on a daily basis.
5. Energize your employees by updating the advanced technology

In many companies, employees who are doing manual work every day should be automated. If you are also experiencing this situation, consider investing in machines instead of human resources to improve workplace productivity.

Take a look at the tasks that employees are doing, especially the monotonous work that repeats many times. Taking time to find solutions that automate or accelerate those tasks will not only speed things up but will also make employees happier.
6. Encourage risk acceptance

In fact, if a project has a failure rate of 40% to 60%, the employee will decide to participate in the project by looking at the failure percentage, and the 40% can do. they are afraid So what you need to do is encourage your partners to look at the other side of the problem, help them understand that they have a 60% chance of success and encourage them to prepare well, accept the risks. there may be.

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Encouraging "venturing" will not only make employees more confident and self-reliant, but also produce more desirable results.
7. Promote people to do what they do not think they can do

It is important for employees to have a certain level of self-control in their work, but you as a manager always have to give people a go. At the same time, you also need to take the time to learn and break the limits of your employees. Ask questions: "Is this the best way?", "Do you still improve on this matter?" To motivate employees to find new limits for themselves.
8. Recruit the best

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Often it is not the case that everyone in your group is a bright star, part of being a manager
Hanh Nguyen
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