LIXIL Vietnam - "Green passports around the world"

Are people more than one nationality?
    Are people living and working in different countries?
    Are people earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year?
    Being a space shuttle, can today see him meeting with his partner in Singapore, the next day to see him "check-in" facebook at a launch ceremony of new products in Germany?

Come to LIXIL VIETNAM, you are a genuine Global Citizen, have you heard through this definition?

Come to LIXIL, you become a Global Citizen always ready to "carry suitcase up and go"

LIXIL owns 101 factories, 211 representative offices and 128 showrooms around the world from Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Japan to countries in Europe, North America and Africa. In Vietnam, LIXIL Group has 11 factories and representative offices nationwide. With the above-mentioned network, LIXIL PEOPLE will always be ready for the opportunities of working and transferring technology at home and abroad. A Global Citizen is afraid to go far?

Moreover, LIXIL - the home of more than 80,000 people from different countries, different cultures, different perspectives, ways of working, language and countless other differences. . In addition to "carry your suitcase up and away," you must be always ready to level all these differences to deserve the name of a Global Citizen.

Photo: Vietnamese technician attends Lotus Project in India

Working at LIXIL, you will behave accordingly
"LIXIL Style"

LIXIL Vietnam has been building a professional working environment where the difference is always respected, creativity, willingness to learn and the spirit of learning is always promoted and promoted. Hiramoto Masahiko, General Director of LIXIL Vietnam, said: "Keep stepping out of your safe area without fear of making mistakes, challenging yourself with new things. What is most precious is the lessons learned from such experiences and the spirit of refreshing oneself to confidently achieve the goal. "

Therefore, people in LIXIL always work together based on the general rules, that is:

    Do The Right Thing - Do the right thing
    Work With Respect
    Experiment and Learnt


Photo: General Manager LIXIL Vietnam with share about LIXIL Behaviors

Work at LIXIL, who you are
"Work Smart, Play Hard"

You will have to "face" the full pay period of 1 to 2 weeks to balance life, spending time for yourself, family. As LIXIL always promotes the spirit of "work-life balance", respecting each individual's passion, family values ​​and being ready to stand side by side, creating the best opportunity for each member to have the best environment possible. develop yourself, career and improve quality of life.


Picture: Board of Directors at Novotel Hotel, Phu Quoc

Working at LIXIL, you are the "Lifelong Learning"

In addition to visiting the factories, new members of LIXIL will be equipped with all the information about corporate culture, policies and values ​​of enterprises, security. all labor, communication ... And then there are intensive training courses on effective working methods, soft skills for the whole and other specific skills required by each position.


Photo: LEAP Training - Leadership Effectiveness Acceleration Program
Block 5, Module 1 at LIXIL Factory, Tianjin, China (left);
Session 4, Module 4 at LIXIL Regional Office, Singapore (right)

With over 150 training sessions, workshops as well as high-level practical forums hosted every year in different countries, you are ready to become a Lifetime Academic Warrior at LIXIL. is not

Working at LIXIL, you are the hand
Building a sustainable Vietnam

With the principle of bringing a good life and sustainable development for all Vietnamese people, while recognizing that human beings are the most important factor for sustainable development, LIXIL Vietnam has many chapters. Social and community sponsorship, contributing to the development of the young generation in Vietnam:

    Accompanying the program "Heart for children" with the total amount of support up to 8.2 billion, together with the program to save more than 200 children with congenital heart disease

    Awarding INAX scholarships to excellent students from Hanoi Architecture University, Danang Polytechnic, in order to encourage them to keep their faith beliefs and continue to improve. And write your dream.


    Provide opportunities for students to participate in the practical work environment in Japanese enterprises through the participation in the "Quest Career" contest, where the candidates to hear the lecture, real experience. It is instructed and supported enthusiastically by LIXIL's leading experts from Japan, who work together to solve the challenge that LIXIL offers.


So are you ready - become a Global Citizen at LIXIL Vietnam today? If you are ready, find out more
Hanh Nguyen
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