What is the specialty of accounting? 10 interesting things below will surprise you!

Almost everyone evaluates accounting as a very boring or monotonous job. However, when considering the following 10 interesting characteristics, you will have to immediately change your perception of the industry:
1. Accounting is the job that helps every business sector "take off"

Accountancy plays a non-trivial role in helping professions grow and prosper. Assisting clients in supporting the financial reporting and reporting is one of the key areas for smooth business operations.
2. Always receive respect and trust


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Financial management is always a prudent and highly responsible activity. So, if you always want a trust in the work you are doing, accounting will be a perfect choice for you.
3. Flexible work

Who says accounting is the only job doing a repetitive job every day? Being an accountant means you have the flexibility to work wherever and whenever you want. Business, finance, tax, audit, government work, forensic accounting, unlimited options for you to try!
4. Excellent business for women


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Although accounting is not a particular profession for a particular sex, but since the sexes seem to have "dominated" this profession, so many companies are tending to find sisters weak to weight. by their workforce.
5. The demand for accounting is extremely high

Accountancy is always present and necessary despite any market fluctuations. Every business needs an accountant, and good accountants will never lack a job to do!
6. There is no career ladder

It sounds dark but the fact of accountancy usually does not have any career guidelines out there. The only sure thing is that you will grow extremely fast. Even if you start out as a newcomer in the field of traditional accounting, you will quickly reach out to the many different accounting disciplines in the industry. Or are you today a paid employee, tomorrow you have the power to build your own audit company!
Great salary


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Accounting profession is extremely rewarding, that's for sure! In England, the average salary of a qualified accountant with 2 years of experience fluctuates in the number of up to £ 50,000.
8. Work wherever you want

Although this depends on the type of job you are doing, you can live anywhere you want, especially when you are managing your own accounting business - auditing. With the development of technology, you and your customers can access and process data remotely.
9. If you are targeting accounting practice certificates, the company will pay you

If you are working for one of the major financial auditing groups, they will usually cover all costs for you to study and take exams and meet the certification standards of international organizations.
10. This is a solid stepping stone for any industry

If you ever intend to "jump" from the start as an accountant, there will be plenty of opportunities open for you. It's not a big gap if you want to try out business, banking, or financial advice.
Hanh Nguyen
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