The "prerequisite" skills to become a Sales Professional

1. Maintain self-confidence

In all skills, this is the most important factor. Why? Since all the skills below need one, that is persistence. If you master all the skills below, but give up the first "no", you will not have the opportunity to show that skill. The first time you talk to a customer, maybe for some reason they will refuse you ... But, if you call them a week later, they may be the ones who long for the item you are selling. Best seller.

Confidence is not the end of perseverance; If you have confidence in yourself and your product, new customers can trust you. Confidence also helps you be more assertive, and it is also a decisive factor in success in this area.
2. Listen


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Often, salespeople are capable of speaking innocently. Unfortunately, that also limits the ability to listen, whether it is a person with many years of experience. Ask questions and listen for answers that show respect for your customers, as well as understanding their needs. Maybe you are still thinking that listening is an easy thing, and you still listen to that customer? Then, next time, when you call the customer, ask them an open question and hit "mute" on the screen for at least a minute (or until you are sure they have answered). By forcing yourself to be silent, you will feel a sense of excitement and want to say something to the customer before they finish their answer.
3. Persuasion

Emotions play an important role in sales. People often say, "Customers do not buy features, they buy benefits." Features are the things that are available in your product or service, but the main benefit is the customer experience. For example, 0% interest rate on credit is just a feature ... saving money on new purchases is the benefit. Being able to persuade you to convey emotions to your customers. If the customer feels you are selling a good product and can improve their life, they will buy it.
4. Build strong relationships


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This skill is not only important in the job but also essential in personal life. Building and maintaining a healthy relationship is key to developing a network that goes beyond what you can imagine.

Do you remember the doctrine of "Six Divisions"? Suppose you need to reach out to a decision maker in a big company, but you do not know who works for the company. Try contacting one or two people you know who can easily lead you to another person who is working at that company. And, once you've got that person's contact information, you can easily get in touch with the person you're looking for.
5. Motivate yourself

Even the best salespeople need to practice each day. You can always find ways to develop your skills as well as learn more about what you are selling. But to do these things, motivation must come from within. Managers can instruct you to make some changes if your sales start falling sharply, but if you continually strive to become better employees, you can find ways to improve just before the problem. The fallout occurred.
Hanh Nguyen
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