Outline of job positions in the banking sector

Before you start looking for a job in the banking industry, you need to know what are the usual job positions along with the qualifications and requirements. You should also understand what is the difference between a commercial bank and a retail bank. Retail Banking is a bank serving customers who are family and small business. Commercial banks provide services to larger businesses and corporations. Below is a list of the major job positions in the banking industry you are curious to find out.
1. The job of the transactor

For many customers, bank tellers are the face of the industry, and for job seekers, becoming a transactor is the first step in the journey to higher promotion. banking sector.

Good communication skills are what make a successful transactor. When recruiting this position, most banks only require applicants who have a high school diploma. Computer skills are also important and passing the background check is often required.
2. Work related to loans

Loan-related work plays a key role in both commercial and retail banks as well as in other lending institutions. The need to find excellent individuals for this position is almost always there and does not change much.

The primary task of a loan servicer is to help the customer complete a loan application and monitor the process, including determining the maximum amount a client can borrow. This person acts as a contact liaison and coordinator between the bank and the customer.
3. Work in private banks

Private banks serve the client-owned asset with a minimum value of $ 10 million. To pursue a career in this field, you must have at least a bachelor's degree.
4. Work in investment banks

Investment banks provide fundraising services to corporations by structuring the issuance of securities such as stocks and bonds. They also advise corporations that are planning mergers and acquisitions. The largest commercial banks also have investment units. Working in this field requires that you be able to work at a fast pace and with decent pay.


In addition to identifying the type and position of the job you want, pay attention to the qualifications and qualifications required by the institution, even if these qualifications are referred to only as a plus or a benefit. Then you should consider it to increase your chances of passing. Financial counseling related to financial planning skills for retirement or investment management is a plus point for you to become a good candidate for the position.
Hanh Nguyen
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